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Liquid Girlfriend


         Liquid Girlfriend is an indie-punk rock band based in Oklahoma City. The 5-piece-group has drawn comparisons to early 90's rock bands like Radiohead, but with twist.

         After signing with 88REC in August 2023, LG released their debut single "SpongeBob Halftime Show". The quirky titled track is an emotional journey, driven by youthful angst. The song starts with soft vocals, and a conversation with an alien. It transitions through different counts and emotions, and by the 2 minute mark, Adesley, the lead singer, belts a guttural scream making for an all-time rock performance.

          In just 30 days, Liquid Girlfriend amassed 20,000 streams, and 5,000 monthly listeners on Spotify of the song. The band is currently working on an EP while performing around the Oklahoma region.

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